Wild winds with the Escape V6

Ced Vandenschrik pushing the envelope on the Peter Lynn Escape V6


When he’s in South Africa, Ced kites at Cannon Rocks, some 130km north of Port Elizabeth where they sometimes get the same pumping winds you’d expect in Cape Town. The Escape V6 is his weapon of choice!



Talking of his current kite of choice, Ced says, “The Escape V6 is a solid performer, not radically different from it’s predecessor but tweaked in all the right places. I found it smoother in the loops giving you the confidence to throw lower more radical kite loops in all kinds of crazy winds.”

Watch him putting it through its paces in his new video.


Looping the 7m Escape v6 in strong winds from extremeced on Vimeo.


Find out more about this awesome looking spot at www.cannonrocks.com

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