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After abundant prototypes and endless testing, Switch are proud to announce the upcoming arrival of the ‘Switch LEGACY kite’. Featuring light bar pressure, massive depower and easy relaunch, these attributes will make the Legacy the first choice for riders of any level.


Switch Kiteboarding | Legacy Freestyle Kite from Switch Kites on Vimeo.


Felix Pivec (Professional kite tester & world renowned wave rider):
“Since the beginning of time, C kites have been perceived as having minimal depower and only suitable for the seasoned pro to bust out the most radical maneuvers.”

“The Legacy is definitely the world’s first C kite that can be handled by any rider from novice to pro. The depower capabilities make the kite very easy to use – no matter if you want to simply freeride or go large like Marc Jacobs.”

Get ready to unleash your free or wakestyle ambitions.

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