Summer Retreat in Turks & Caicos with KNOT FUTURE

knot future visit turcs & Caicos islands

Armed with a Phantom Red video camera and a conglomerate of the world’s most creative kiters, the Knot Future crew went on a Summer Retreat to the Turks & Caicos Islands

From Knot Future:

It soon became obvious to us that due to all the travel restrictions, a mandatory fourteen-day quarantine was on the charts in order to succeed with our plans to spend another summer in the USA. The options were many but once Kit’s invite came through it was a trip we couldn’t pass on. Booked the cheapest tickets out, with a three-day itinerary, two hotel rooms, and a ridiculous sprint through Brussels airport only to be greeted with absurd baggage fees. That being said all the “cops” are always worth it when you get to spend two weeks kiteboarding beautiful spots with a bunch of friends.

Thank you Kit for the invite, Kite Safari, TCI and H2O Resort for the great hospitality.

ft. Oswald Smith, Ewan Jaspan, Katie Potter, Kit Griffiths, Ramiro Gallart and Noe Font.

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The Turks & Caicos islands is kiteboarding of dreams for all level of riders

Combining picturesque landscape, consistent trade wind and favourable water conditions the Turks & Caicos islands is a kite destination to pin to the bucket list. In our free multimedia issue of  Kiteworld issue 108 we featured a comprehensive spot guide and speak with Kabir Jaffe, owner of Villa Esencia who believes, “When it comes to retreating to a safe place with plenty of space surrounded by nature, there possibly isn’t anywhere better for the average level of kiter to escape the upheaval.”

Turks and Caicos Feature

Where kiting is concerned, most of the beachfront action is based around Long Bay on the eastern shore of the island of Providenciales (Provo). Kabir, himself a keen kite foiler, describes a location that could administer the ideal shot of relaxing calm; a perfect antidote to the anxiety coursing our veins into the start of this year.

Long Bay beach is the rustic relation to the glitzier Grace Bay, just five minutes drive away on the north shore. You’ll find several low rise accommodation options along Long Bay beach with plenty of space in between locations, with most backing right onto the waterline. Partners and children play safely on the beach, finding shade under a tiki hut or swimming / paddling in the warm shallows as kiters cruise back-and-forth. While never getting busy, this is the more popular location for kiters and their families to stay.

Flat water kiteboarding Turks and Caicos

Warm, flat, shallow loveliness! / Photo: Andre Magarao – CrazyFly

Click here to read the full Turks & Caicos spot guide as featured in Kiteworld issue 108! It is online and free to view

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