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Sri Lanka Kalpitiya Mannar kitesurfing

Sri Lanka – A video guide!


GREAT FOR – A very different travelling experience and miles and miles of open lagoon to shred!



Steady winds throughout the year, an array of flat water spots and there’s even some onshore wave riding outside the lagoons on offer, so it’s easy to understand why people are returning to Kalpitiya season after season.

The country’s main kitesurfing region, Puttalam, in the secluded northwest of the country, has been steadily growing in popularity across the last few of years. The kitesurfing is unique with masses of space and almost limitless downwinder potential across 100 kilometres of terrain and good winds in two seasons in the year.

Expect daily 20 – 25 knots between May and October and slightly less in the second season from December – a paradise for kitesurfing!


Kitesurf in Paradise

Kitesurfing Lanka is a popular specialist kitesurfing resort offering all-inclusive packages for a hassle-free holiday, including airport transfers, holiday planning in Sri Lanka, equipment rental, lessons and kite repairs. Customised meal plans, activities for non-kiters, yoga and massage are available. They also offer guided downwinders to all spots and catamaran kite trips as well as advanced kite clinics, specialist kite trips and free use of their SUPs and kayaks.



Kalpitiya Lagoon

The main and most popular spot is Kalpitiya Lagoon, otherwise known as ‘Big Lagoon’, which is just outside Kalpitiya town. It works best in the dry season between November and early April when the trade winds  come from the northeast. That time of year is very popular with beginners and freestylers alike as the lagoons are flat, spacious and shallow. Rescue boats operate here and you’re also entitled to use them if you’re involved with a local school or centre.



Kappalady Lagoon

The other key spot is Kappaladay Lagoon, which is smaller but it works great between May and early October when the trade winds blow from the southwest.



Puttalam Kite Trip – The Kitesurfing Lanka Experience

Big downwinders can be organised weekly through the local schools, and this video shows the Puttalam kite trip that ends with a perfect flat water spot.



Vella Island

Depending on the conditions, organised daily or overnight kite trips are run several times a week to Vella Island, a unique and perfect flat water spot with laminar wind onshore winds at narrow sandbar. The local schools will provide food and drink for your trips, and provide shelter and tents as accommodation for overnight stays.



Talawila Church downwinder

Take a tuk-tuk 15 kilometers upwind from the main Kalpitiya lagoon, launch your kite and follow the coast line. En route you’ll find some nice waves and flat water spots before you land your kite back at Kitesurfing Lanka’s premises.




Donkey Spot

‘Donkey Spot’ is just in front of Kitesurfing Lanka’s grounds. Expect to find clean winds with a flat water and wave spot to choose from. Kitesurfing Lanka have a beach hut as base camp, and a free safety boat looking after you during your session.




Take a three hour drive north of Kalpitiya and you’ll reach Mannar, part of a 50 kilometre chain of sandbars, islands and man-made bridges that almost link Sri Lanka to the Indian mainland. This is a flat water heaven with over 36 kilometres of flat water that has only just become know to kiters. Kitesurfing Lanka were the first to explore the kiteboarding potential of the area around Adam’s Bridge where you’ll find the same reliable trade winds that Kalpitiya is known for, but without the crowds on the water.

Just like in Kalpitiya, there are two seasons in Mannar. The summer season runs from May until mid-October, while the winter season runs from mid-December to March.


Vayu Mannar Kite School & Resort

Vayu Resort is situated in Mannar, a dreamy stunning location with great vibe and beauty! Expect open ocean kiting and the longest stretch of flat water you could ever imagine to ride in!

The resort, run by Kitesurfing Lanka consists of 12 bungalows, each with their own veranda and ensuite bathrooms, that can accommodate up to four people. There are six tens as well as a restaurant and a bar which is right on the kite spot.



Vayu Mannar – Flat water paradise



Sri Lanka Kalpitiya / Mannar Kitesurfing map








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