Sessions – The Plans Changed

Oswald Smith Namibia

Oswald Smith and Kyle Cabano go on the search in Southern Africa

And they score!

Here’s how it happened in their own words


Airush Surf 2020


Notorious for extreme weather conditions, we decided to venture toward the southern regions of the Cape Point peninsula, to film a few sessions at some of the lesser-frequented wave riding spots around Cape Town.

Being so far south, the Cape Point region has the benefit of being completely exposed to the Atlantic Ocean and the passing weather systems. This makes it the perfect location for serious wave riding, all year round!


Airush Kitesurf 2020


After collecting heaving top-to-bottom runners hidden within the Cape Point Reserve, scoring a session among the mushy onshore breakers tucked into one of the many hidden False Bay beaches, a uniquely rare opportunity presented itself to the team.


Oswald Smith Namibia


This opportunity came in the form of an early winter gift from Mother Nature. A large West Swell, combined with moderate Southerly winds appeared on the charts. There was no question about it, we packed our bags, booked last minute flights, and headed for the desert. With our thumbs held tight that the boards would make it, and the unsurety of what we may find, in that moment we realized, The Plans Changed…



Oswald Smith Airush 2020


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