Redefine Your Limits – The Santi Font 360 Story

Redefine Your Limits Santi Font

Duotone Team Rider Noe Font is also an excellent film maker. For this video his father, Santi Font, became the subject – who has aspired to learn the foiling 360 for a long time. This video is solid promo for the Duotone Academy app… but it works! 


What Santi says: “I’ve seen youngsters foil on the first day of trying and when they choose to do a new maneuver they don’t take long to do so. This one is not my case. Beginnings can be very tough and when you start to feel good on top of your foil, it’s hard to leave that comfort zone to try something new. The 360 has been a challenge of mine for many years! It’s a beautiful maneuver, it looks easy when executed properly, but from the inside it’s a true coordination stunt. The 360s you see in the video are truly the first ones I’ve ever done. How good is it to tack across the beach and 360 not just once, but two or even three times in a row… it’s a party!”

Here’s the Duotone Academy tutorial chapter


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