Profile: Coleman Buckley (Harness Mastermind)

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The Man That Changed Kite Harnesses Forever


Hardshell harnesses are now the norm. Back in 2013, their added support and lack-of-squeeze meant that word spread very quickly and soon enough, pro riders of the highest calibre were demanding the product. Here’s a closer look at the man and the method behind it all:



Despite considerable company growth and RE being brought under the 7 Nation umbrella (Slingshot owners), the ethos of Ride Engine remains unchanged. This is immediately apparent when you try on one of their legendary harnesses. You’ll feel the same support that created all the hype in the first place, despite being an ‘Off the shelf’ product. Here’s the latest carbon harness for 2020:



Also worth a mention are the impact vests from Ride Engine, which are becoming more and more popular as the the appeal of big-air kiteboarding continues to rocket. It’ll protect your ribs and give you some added buoyancy. You can’t buy confidence, but this is about as close as you’ll get!


P.s. If you’ve watched the story and you’re after a 2013-style custom graphics harness – this is still possible, even on the newest models. Head to with a visual to upload and you could have a custom wrap heading towards you in the post within minutes…

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