No Gift For Christmas Island

Carine Camboulives kitesurfing on Christmas Island, Pacific Ocean, Kiteworld issue 72 800

A thoughtful video from a stunning feature in Kiteworld issue #73 by Carine Camboulives, lost in the Pacific Ocean

From Kiteworld issue #72:
INTRO – Global warming’s first climate refugees live on islands that look like paradise. Carine Camboulives has been traveling the world with her family for more than 15 years, looking for new kite spots while raising awareness of environmental challenges. The challenge is urgent for the small Republic of Kiribati, seemingly lost in the middle of the Pacific ocean, it is being submerged by the rapid sea level rise

WORDS – Carine Camboulives
PHOTOS – Pierre Bouras

We had talked about going to Christmas Island for a couple of years. My daughter, Lou, is 8-years-old and loves to sneak into our conversations, so has been very excited about visiting the ‘Island of Santa Claus’ since we first mentioned it. The temperature is vastly warmer than the North Pole, so she thinks that it must be his vacation island retreat.

The story looked a little different to a beautiful ‘Christmas Carol’ for us, though. The largest coral atoll in the world is also one of the poorest places on earth and the whole Nation of Kiribati (pronounce Kiribass) is steadily vanishing into the Pacific Ocean due to a rising sea level. It is believed that at the current rate these islands are going to disappear from our maps in just a few decades. Seeing the beauty as well as the effect of climate change became a high priority for us…

FEATURE: Beautiful In Retreat – The Present For Christmas Island

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