Nick Jacobsen – 277 metre / 908 foot tow-up

Nick sets a new world record and goes higher than any kiter has before!



Four years ago, Jesse Richman was towed up behind a speedboat and managed to reach a height of 244 metres before controlling his descent back to the water. Nobody had even come close to that until yesterday when Nick Jacobsen beat Jesse’s jump by a whole 33 metres in Table Bay, Cape Town, in front of the stunning backdrop of Table Mountain!



He was towed up behind the Team Brunel sailing yacht, which is taking place in the Volvo Ocean Race at present as the team enjoys a stopover in Cape Town, and he was attached to an 800 metre line which he released himself from when he felt he could go no higher (he had an altimeter watch on to check his height and even had a parachute on in case things went awry).

He then scored 66 seconds of hang time on his return to the water before touching down smoothly and cruising away!



Speaking after, Nick said he couldn’t have done it without such a professional crew like the Team Brunel guys to work with and everyone was stoked that he’d bagged the record and made it back down to sea level safely!


Check the video below.. NUTS!


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