Naish House Tarifa

Naish House Tarifa 2019 video


Several years ago ‘Naish House’ was infamous; a sort of week of ‘discipline’ at the school of Naish that groomed many a now well-known shredder into the star they are today. Kevin Langeree now finds himself as the chief – and his Naish Team Europe mini-army is packed with talent… 


What they say: 

The legendary Naish House returns in an all new location with the next generation of rippers ready to prove themselves. For Naish House Tarifa we brought Naish Team Europe riders Clement Huot, Lucas Ferreira, Stig Hoefnagel, Cohan Van Dijk, Tom Seager, Rene Barner and Davide Fontanesi to join Robby Naish and Kevin Langeree in Tarifa, Spain for our annual dealer meeting to welcome them to the Naish family and show them what the Naish brand and lifestyle is all about.

Filmed and edited by: LightBros Creative

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