My Kitefoiling Experience: Rob Claisse – Kiteworld Magazine issue #111

Rob Claisse Kitefoiling

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You may have benefitted from Rob Claisse’s incredible eye and passion for detail in any number of Progression’s super detailed kiteboarding instructional videos that have been in production since very early in the sport, focused on improving your skills in twin-tip, wave kiting and foil riding.

Five years ago Rob became obsessed with kitefoiling and, as you’ll hear in this video, really threw himself into it, pretty much with tunnel vision.

Progression are still producing very insightful technique videos, but Rob has now expanded the company to deliver personal coaching, either remotely through personal 1:1 video clinics, in person at the beach in the UK, or at various camps in different locations around the world (in the absence of pandemics!).

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