Lasse Walker – Objectives

Lasse reflects on KOTA and looks to the future, his goals and going absolutely huge!


Lass Walker is one of the most exciting riders to watch in big air and the last couple of years have been huge for him. He won the infamous Red Bull Mega Loop Challenge the last time it was on, but the big one, the Red Bull King of The Air, has so far eluded him. He suffered one of the most brutal crashes we’ve ever seen at the 2016 KOTA which landed him in hospital, alongside his North teammate Lewis Crathern, and took him six months to fully recover from and he was edged out of the 2017 event by yet another North rider, Aaron Hadlow. 

In this video he looks back at his experiences, how he’s dealt with the setbacks he’s been faced with, and what he still hopes to achieve!


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