Kiteboarding in WA

Kiteboarding video with Manuela and Colleen in WA

Intrepid riding with Colleen Carroll and Manuela Jungo in OZ

Kiteboarding from Manuela Jungo on Vimeo.

What the sheilas have to say about their video:

Every kiteboarder remembers the time when they first experienced KITEBOARDING, that “wow” moment, that feeling of excitement. On this adventure we join two explorers who have their first experiences…

Follow our riders that are living their passion and travel with them to the most amazing kite destinations;
Manuela Jungo;,,
Colleen Carroll;,,

WARNING: Kiteboarding can be addictive

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Kiteboarding is a male dominated sport but more girls are getting into it, what would be your advice for females looking at giving kiteboarding a try?

Manuela: A lot of girls still think that you need a lot of muscles to learn to kite but that is not true. Sure it always helps to be athletic but everyone can learn how to kite and you will get a feeling of freedom that you have never experienced before.

Colleen: Go for it. Get a lesson from a good school (not from your boyfriend, dad, brother, etc) and have fun, you’ll never look back!

What are your plans for the coming year? Any more videos?

Colleen: Lots of plans for the coming year! Of course Triple-S is coming up and after that I plan to spend most of the summer in North America. As for videos, there might be something up our sleeves but I guess you’ll just have to wait and see….

Manuela: To be honest, I am in two minds at the moment. Keep competing on the World Tour or go another direction. One of my main goals was to send in a wildcard video for the Triple S and to compete there, but the VKWC has put an event exactly at the same time. I just can’t understand this because we asked them not to do this and they have always known the dates for the SSS. It will be a life changing situation and if my sponsors are with me, I will try to do something new which in turn will give me more flexibility to produce more fun videos and content.

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