Jerome Cloetens’ Greece Training Trip

Greece kite trip 2020


Pure friends and fun!


Jerome Cloetens says that normally in the middle of July, there are tons of events, demos and shoots, but because of the virus all plans got cancelled! He decided to call some friends and organize an intense week of training without any reason except to just to have fun with each other since there won’t be any competition any time soon.

Jerome didn’t plan to film a professional video but ended up taking his phone out of his pocket when something made him laugh or was just fun to watch. He did the same thing with the GoPro in the water and that’s how raw this video was made – you can really see the perspective of a pro kiter and what it is like to train and have fun with friends!



The filming took place in a kite spot far from usual tourists, and for that reason there were barely any covid-19 cases.  There was no obligation to wear a mask except in supermarkets and other businesses. However, Jerome says “all of us had to do the test before entering Greece or on arrival. Luckily we all tested negative and were able to focus on training and enjoying the best wind of the world, the thermals in Greece are incomparable with any other place. I personally had a blast! Hope you can feel that energy and see how fun kiteboarding is!”


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