INFLUENCE – Kiteboarding Triple-S 2016

Influence Kiteboarding Triple-S 2016

This year was the 11th year that the infamous Triple-S Kiteboarding Wakestyle contest has been hosted on the outer banks in Waves, North Carolina. Watch the North team hitting the park during the Triple-S and developing the 2017 Wakestyle gear at the Real Watersports Kite Park in Cape Hatteras

This was the second stop of the Global Kite Park League series that is now tracking the true Kite Park world champ for the first time…

Riders: Tom Court, Aaron Hadlow, Craig Cunningham, Colleen Carroll, Manulella Jungo, Alex Mais

Filmed by Tom Court, Sophie Mathews, Toby Bromwich



To find out more about Cape Hatteras and the Triple-S Invitational visit


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