How Duotone Kiteboards are Made

Duotone board factory video

Tom Court visits the Capita Mothership factory in Austria

Get a factory walkthrough in another good edit from TC.


What Duotone say: 
Over the years we have put a lot of effort into developing our twin tips and board production so that we can develop some of the lightest, strongest and best performing boards that we possibly can. That involves working with the right construction partners and integrating feedback from out international team of pro riders across multiple styles of riding to achieve products that we can be truly proud of.

Our iconic twin tip range, from the Jaime Textreme for freeride and big air, the highly developed Gambler for Wakestyle and the Select Textreme for high end performance… each one of these models is lovingly hand made deep in the Austrian countryside at the Capita Mothership factory, drawing from years of experience in the snowboarding industry.

This production facility is not only environmentally conscious, using non-toxic resins and generating heat from the near by River Gail, but it has a long history in snowboard production and expertise that have helped to refine and develop our boards. In this video, pro rider Tom Court takes us behind the production and goes through how each board is made step by step. Enjoy this unique peek behind what makes Duotone Kiteboarding‘s twin tips, some of the best boards on the water.  

Produced by: Duotone Sports
Edit/Director: Tom Court
Filmed: Daniel Knight & Tom Court

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