Freestyle 30+ Death in Brazil

Freestyle 30+ Death in Brazil - kiteboarding crashes and wipeouts

The start of this video may put you off if you’re over 30. Ironically, that’s not the idea!

Freestyle 30+ Death In Brazil from Felipe Moure López on Vimeo.

Here’s what 30+ year old hero Felipe Moure Lopez has to say: 

Are you afraid of the crashes?
Don’t you get new tricks because you are still thinking about the injuries?

This is another motivational video for people over 30 that think that freestyle is just for kids! Crashes? Of course. Getting new tricks would never be so great without the crashes you get before. Don’t be a chicken!

Ride Clash:

Sponsored by: Ride Clash/Airush/Cumbuco Meeting Point/
Director and Editor: Felipe Moure
Director of Photography: Felipe Moure / Noe Font / Juan Manuel Antúnez

Special Thanks to:

Álvaro Onieva
Alex Pastor
Analía Indiana
Aner Cono de fuego
Bea Acceso 7
Chispa y Mónica
David Tonyjohn
Elvira Ortigosa
Emilio (grande)
Forest Bakker
Giulia Piccionni
Guillermo Álvarez
Hernán Indiana
Ivaylo Ivanov (hermano)
Jaime Sánchez
Javi Mena
Juan Manuel Antúnez (Juanmix)
Julia Castro
Julien Leleu
Laura LG y Narcis
Luis Almendros
Manel Arpa
María Sánchez
María José Barrionuevo
María Meeting Point
Mariano Onieva
Maximiliam Gómez
Nina Font
Noe Font
Paco Mexicano
Pau Gisbert
Paula Novotna
Phil Larcher
Raboman y la Rabofamilia
Rafa Olalla
Raúl Fayos
Rita Arnaus
Tommy Indiana
Tzuf Salomon
Vero Indiana
Willem y Rens

And all the people that I forget because is 4:02 in the morning!
Thank you very much for filming, for giving ideas and for making possible to stand so much crashes and that encourage me to stand other crashes more 😉
You! Are! Great!
You! Are! Awesome!

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