Fly me to the Moon – Nick Jacobsen

Nick Jacobsen Cabrinha FX kitesurfing video in Cape Town

Cabrinha have just launched their brand new FX freestyle crossover kite that they have developed along with new team rider, the truly all-terrain Nick Jacobsen. (Yes, he’s the guy that jumped from the huge crane in South Africa… while eating a sandwich.) 

He was given a large budget by Cabrinha and 21 days to film a video and produce photos that he thought best fit the nature of the kite. This is what he and his Danish team of creatives came up with. We have an incredible photo feature with him in issue #74 which is out later this month. We have also been riding the FX during our annual gear tests in Cape Town and the FX review is in #74, too.

This will surely be classed as one of the most creative and entertaining videos of 2015. Top job fellas – that also includes wall walking lessons. 

Fly Me To The Moon (Cabrinha kiteboarding starring Nick Jacobsen) from Cabrinha Kites on Vimeo.

Here’s what Cabrinha say:
Nick Jacobsen stars in this quirky kiteboarding short. Born in Denmark and groomed for kiting in South Africa he stays true to his crazy roots in this 13 minute film that takes you on an adventure of epic proportions. On his journey to the moon he must survive meteors and surf like a dolphin. With super human power he flies like a bird and walks sideways on walls. How cool is that?

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