Duotone Team’s Best Videos of Recent Weeks

Duotone kiteboarding videos

Tom Hebert, Aron Rosslee and the wave team smash out the vids

01: Tom´s Kitchen – Episode II Landscape

In his second episode of Tom´s kitchen he takes us on a tour to New Caledonia´s best spots and shows us a glimpse of what kiteboarding has done for Tom Heberts lifestyle!!

02: Out in Winter – Aron Rosslee

Out In Winter is a short film with Aron Rosslee, where he shows us an unfamiliar side to Cape Town, when the clouds roll in and the cold winter winds howl.

The time of year where most would be happily tucked up in front of a warm fireplace, with his newly converted camper van Aron chases down the cold fronts to explore the wintertime spots that South Africa has to offer.

03: Between the Walls

A short film by Lidewij Hartog shot in Mauritius. We had a house for ten days, with five extraordinary athletes, on a breathtaking island. The idea was to create something with a lot of soul and that would really grasp their passion for wave riding amid the beautiful, but sometimes overwhelming environments.

Read our extended interview with film maker Lidewij Hartog and her vision for the movie in our free online issue, #106, here.


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