Duotone Grom Search 2 – The Re-Visit

Duotone Grom Search

Some feel good grom inspo from the Duotone Grom Search team who headed back to Brazil for a second time in 2019 to pick more young talent to help out with gear and English lessons. Remember the name: Guilherme Costa! 



What Duotone say: Over the past few years we have been working with a few grass roots events in different countries around the world in order to give the youngsters a chance to ride in an event and win some support for a year. As well as the winners, it is also a great way to bring people together and share ideas. At the end of last season we went out to Brazil, which is the steady wind Mecca at that time of year. To the famous lagoons of Cumbucco to host the 2019 grom search. With kids traveling from all over Brazil to attend, it was a raw pool of talent and good vibes on the water!!

Congrats to @guiihermecosta._ for taking this years win and walking away with a new Duotone Setup. Vegas, Team Series and Click bar! We look forward to bringing this concept to support our awesome county later again this season in 2020.

More riders, stories and product info: www.duotonesports.com

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Video/Edit: Tom court @courtintheact
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