Clement Roseyro Video – For a Few Seconds

Clement Roseyro Ion rider

Clement Roseyro is a French ripper of most surf vehicles. If you like your toys varied and select them according to the conditions, you’ll enjoy this! 



Clement Roseyro is a true waterman. Pursuing life by a credo that allows him to thrive any day of the week in any conditions.

No matter the dark days, the shadows. We are here to feel the force of nature. The body, the spirit, and the elements are all one. We live for that feeling of gliding, flying, carving, spraying, turning. No matter how long it takes to be there, be there. Right place at the right time to live at the fullest only for a few seconds.

Directed by: Pierre Henni
Shooting locations: Guethary, Biarritz, Anglet, Hossegor, La Torche

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Read our test of this low profile harness with Ion’s C-bar 3.0, which can be used with a rope sliding spreader bar or fixed hook! Click here to read.

Review Excerpt:

The Curve 13 is ION’s lightest and most durable harness they say, featuring thermo composite CURV material which has a flex index of 13 (20 being the stiffest). The silicone panel located centrally against your back adds a layer of grip, so there’s less rotation of the harness around your waist as the kite pulls side to side.

Overall I think this harness is excellent. It looks fantastic, feels really strong and the only time I found it a little bit uncomfortable was on a big twin-tip session in really strong winds. We’ve had a few of those this summer, up to and beyond 38 knots…  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Ion Apex harness


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