Brunotti Smartshell Harness

Brunotti Smartshell Harness Anatomy Video

Brunotti Smartshell Harness

The Brunotti Smartshell Harness is the must-have item for every kite- and windsurfer. The starting points for the development of this hardshell were a stiff and yet flexible frame, a perfect 360° fit, compact dimensions and a light weight.

Maximum freedom of movement and ultimate protection!


Brunotti Smartshell Harness


The innovative CTC (Cut the Crap) mass reduction program eliminates all unnecessary layers and other crap and ensures a super lightweight frame that supports your body perfectly. The H2O weightlock system allows for the removal of materials and spaces that absorb water. This means that the harness, both wet and dry, is and remains light in weight. This lightweight shell with a perfect 360° smart frame fit allows for so much support that pain will be a thing of the past, making for better and longer sessions.

We like all boardsports, so naturally we have naturally made sure that this smartshell has multiple uses. Both kiters and windsurfers will benefit from this smartshell innovation. Kiters can simply attach the HP leash at the back, while windsurfers can omit this without the mounting points being visible.

“From the very first session, the new Smartshell harness was my favourite harness from the Brunotti range. Its super light weight means that you almost forget you’re wearing it during and especially after surfing.” says Dieter van der Eyken, windsurf champion and Brunotti RDP team member and creator.

“The smartshell is a lightweight harness with small dimensions, yet with a solid frame. Because it’s so small, I have maximum freedom of movement during my tricks. The materials and dimensions make the harness super light and this is ideal for surfing but also for travelling,” says Youri Zoon, World Champion kitesurfer, Brunotti RDP team member and creator.


Watch the offical Anatomy video of the Brunotti Smartshell Harness here

Brunotti Smartshell Harness Anatomy from Brunotti on Vimeo.


Rider Developed Products

The whole Brunotti RDP collection is designed by a team made up of Brunotti’s developers, engineers, marketeers, team riders and other colleagues. Together with riders like World Champion (twice!) Youri Zoon, kite chick Annelous Lammerts and World Champion windsurfer Dieter van der Eyken, we develop and shape the perfect RDP – rider developed products for all board sports.


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