BOOST – Flying over Guadeloupe

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See Andi Hanrieder from the Flysurfer and Flyboards Research and Development Team in action on the BOOST and hydrofoil.

BOOST – flying over Guadeloupe from FLYSURFER Kiteboarding on Vimeo.

“The BOOST and hydrofoil combination will reward you with amazing riding speed in light winds!
A low-end of 6 knots and riding with joy is not a dream anymore, but reality..
While learning your new maneuvers, like foiling jibes and/or tacks, the great control of the BOOST will support you perfectly in your learning process! Through its huge depower, you always stay in control!
On a hydrofoil you can’t slow down by edging hard, you just go faster. (which is actually the fun part about it!)
And if you crash, like we all do, you can trust on the reliable and fast relaunch of the BOOST.

With a hydrofoil the low-end wind range comes down so much, that a lot of kites are not relaunch-able anymore. Therefore we designed and optimized the BOOST to have an exceptional good light-wind relaunch because of the innovative adaptive airfoil technology. Using one steering line, or in the true low-end range, using both steering lines at the same time, to perform a fast and easy reverse relaunch.
Through our patented compact trailing edge bridle system (adaptive-airfoil) in sizes 15.0 and 18.0, the whole trailing edge is pulled during the relaunch, which gives excellent light wind relaunch. Anybody who doesn’t need the TE-bridle, has the opportunity to remove it within a few minutes.”

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