BAKL Cape Town 2021 after movie and rider interviews

This video showcases the hottest action from the BAKL Cape Town 2021 event with interviews from the riders and judges to give you an inside scoop of what went down on this memorable day

BAKL says:

This spectacular competition took place on 25 February 2021 in nuking 45 knot SE conditions paired with a small swell, tricky take offs and incredible riders! It was a wild day on the beach and all of the riders put on memorable performances.

The Big Air Kite League is on a mission to bring you more competitions! We are doing this because big air kiting has reached a tipping point where there are so many competitors that are capable of competing at a high level, but there are just not enough spots in competitions. Not to mention, when there is a big competition like Red Bull King of the Air, the riders that get in haven’t had enough competition experience to perform at the best of their ability, in the brief few minutes that their heats last. Our mission is to give these riders more opportunities to compete!

Filmed by:

Anton Chernyshov

Gregory James

Kyle Cabano

Edited by:

Anton Chernyshov

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