Axis Kiteboards Mike Gebhardt on Fastest Foils

Mike Gebhardt Olympic Coach and Axis foil team

“This is our entry level foil and most people go, ‘Oh it’s a race foil’. Well, guess what, the reason it goes 40 knots is because it’s super easy to ride.”

“Low aspect foils will not go fast. They’re out of control at 20 knots. It’s like going on the autobahn and you’re stuck in second gear when you wanna be in fifth or sixth to be cruising.”

Just two of the quotes from this insightful interview on the reality of foiling fast and developing the necessary kite skills to get going in light winds. Fortunately for all of us, Mike was an Olympic medal winner in windsurfing and is now a talented Olympic and kiting racing coach, a font of immense knowledge, and someone we really enjoyed talking to for the next episode of The Kite Show. This is merely a shred of what’s to come.


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