Aphrodite – Kitesurfing Indonesia

Aphrodite Kitesurfing


Oswald Smith and Charlie Wise ripping in Indo


Named after the song ‘Aphrodite’ that is the soundtrack to this highly polished kite flick, it’s quite fitting that it’s also the name of the greek goddess of love and beauty – which feature throughout this video. Not through the beautiful relationship kindled on recent travels between Oswald Smith and Charlie (though it is a heart-warming sight to see in real life – how a seasoned pro has shown a young and gifted tearaway the ropes – kite-pro’in ain’t easy bru!). Nor is it through the chiseled torso that Smith has been carving out in southern Africa. No… it’s through this video that these shack hunting bros have created with passion, from the thumbnail through to the last wave. Sealed with a tender closeout. 



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