ALL IN: Giel Vlugt’s journey to the King of the Air 2021

Giel Vlugt KOTA documentary

This year’s Red Bull King of the Air saw a total of 6 new riders to the event, more than in the years prior. Among the newcomers to this event was the Flying Dutchman himself – namely Giel Vlugt

Giel is one of the new generation big air riders who has a unique of power and technique. It has been over 18 months since the 2020 KOTA event and many riders have been working hard reddening the limits of big air as we know them. 


From Ocean Rodeo:

As the gladiators of the scene made their way to South Africa for the biggest event on the Big Air calendar, one man was already in town, preparing himself for an event that he’s spent the last two years training for…

ALL IN documents Giel Vlugt’s journey to the Red Bull King of the Air 2021; a journey that’s taken him from Holland to Tarifa and then finally to Cape Town, where he took on former kings and legends of the discipline…

It also marked the first time an Ocean Rodeo kite has featured in the contest, with Giel choosing the Rise A-Series as his weapon of choice – our new Big Air kite that’s built with the powerful ALUULA composite materials.

Filmed & Produced by – Kyle Cabano

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