A Good Day’s Kiteboarding with Tom Court

Epic kite session in Isle of Wight


Shredding your favourite home spot has never felt better!


Imagine having an epic session after so many weeks off the water, then losing your GoPro with all the footage! Tom is one lucky snorkeler to find that again and we’re pleased that he did!



Tom Court says:

So it has been a while since I had a shred like this, It is so nice to be back on the water again – just having fun at what I think is one of my favourite kite spots in the world on its day!

I took Sebastian, a local Duotone grom shredder from the Isle of Wight, out on the boat to score some epic conditions! Getting into a sport is one of the best things that you can do at a young age and when everything lines up for a magic day on the water this is what is possible!

It doesn’t work that often, but when it does… and you have all the toys and GoPro mounts that you can poke a stick at… this is what you get!


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