Part 1: Liquid Force Hydrofoil Video Tutorial

Liquid Force kitesurfing hydrofoil video tutorial

How to handle the foil and your first waterstarts.

Foiling is set to be huge this summer. Allowing you to get out on the water more in lighter winds, foils also provide a wonderful floaty feeling – as if you’re riding on fresh powder every day. 

Liquid Force have produced a series of tutorials to take you from your first foiling experience to boosting airs and making rotations. 

Part two will help you ride for longer, improve your technique and figure out how to toe-side turn. Click here. 

Part three leads onto ripping heelside, tacking, gybing, jumping and rolls. Click here.

Here’s LF brand manager Gary Siskar talking about how the team got bitten by the foiling bug and introduces you to their foil fish – a modular aluminium foil designed to be affordable, strong and fun.  

Find more information on the Liquid Force Foil Fish here.

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