KiteSOFAing with Progression – 01 Board Grabs

Progression KiteSOFAing video

Rob Claisse from Progression joins the Kiteworld team for our foiling equipment tests. Lately he’s just been sitting about like the rest of us, though… or has he? 



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About the video, Progression say: Learn to progress your kitesurfing from your sofa!

Episode 1: Board GrabsIt’s time to get some exercise with a few grab routines and build up that muscle memory ready for when you are back on the water! All from the safety of your sofa, Progression’s Rob Claisse will introduce you to the basics of the tail grab, giving you the in-depth understanding of what, why and how to make that first grab. Then we’ll look at how to improve our technique by hanging under the kite before we run through all 9 back hand grabs.


Email us your questions for the next episode – tricks you are struggling with, mistakes you are making, or anything you think we might be able to help with. Send over any video clip or record a short video asking your question.

Improve your Jumping with our premium video: here

The Kiteboarding Intermediate Volume 1 Collection: here

Can’t remember all board grab names? Check out our previous blog post: here

Kitesofaing is Progression’s new web series, offering constructive techniques you can practice at home during the COVID-19 lockdown (though nothing to stop you carrying on when things go back to normal). The plan is for two videos each week:

• The Weekend video will be focused on “doing”, activities you can try and practice at home
• The Mid-week video will cover a range of topics and focus more on better understanding through detailed theory briefings and question and answer sessions – submit your questions to Rob at

Thanks to:
Music: Brooklyn Nights by Chelsea McGough (via Soundstripe)
Producers: Rob Claisse & Michelle Blaydon
Kiters: Oli Sweeney, James Boulding, Danny Morrice, Karine Navitel, Christian Harris

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