KiteSOFAing with Progression – 04 Riding Toeside

Toeside tips from Progression


Learn to ride toeside like a pro from your sofa!

Progression coach, Rob Claisse, is back with more top tips to improve your riding while locked down. This time he explains how riding toeside well will set you up for more progressive riding:



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Progression say: Learn to progress your kitesurfing from your sofa!

Episode 4: Riding Toeside – Do you want to learn the 3 key tips that will have riding toeside like a pro? The first trick for any new kiteboard and an essential technique whether you ride a twintip, surfboard or foil, riding toeside is an initially awkward stance but one that plays an important role across all these disciplines. And once you have it worked out, it just feels good! So join Rob on the sofa for some background chat, demos and a resistance band practical for you to try out at home.

Kiteboarding – Riding Toeside Video

Kitesurfing – Carving Turns Collection

Kitefoiling – Riding Toeside


Email us your questions for the next episode – tricks you are struggling with, mistakes you are making, or anything you think we might be able to help with. Send over any video clip or record a short video asking your question.

Kitesofaing is Progression’s new web series, offering constructive techniques you can practice at home during the COVID-19 lockdown (though nothing to stop you carrying on when things go back to normal). The plan is for two videos each week:

* The Weekend video will be focused on “doing”, activities you can try and practice at home
* The Mid-week video will cover a range of topics and focus more on better understanding through detailed theory briefings and question and answer sessions – submit your questions to Rob at

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Music: Brooklyn Nights by Chelsea McGough (via Soundstripe)
Producers: Rob Claisse & Michelle Blaydon
Kiters: Rob Claisse, Danny Morrice, Lee Harvey, Colin Heckroodt, Jalou Langeree, Karine Navitel, Christian Harris

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