Progression Toe to Heel Tack – Learning the Kitefoiling Tack Series

Progression foil tack tutorial

An in-depth foil tack tutorial with Rob Claisse from Progression Sports deciphering the Toe to Heel Tack.




Want to learn the Toe to Heel Tack on your kitefoil? Then you need to watch this video as I’ve spotted a small but vital technique that will up your success rate massively – hell, it might be just what you need to get around your first tack without getting wet!


This is my favorite tack, that feels amazing when you get your body and kite in the correct position and are abe to carve around effortlessly. When it does work it ends abruptly! I;ve been there, it took me a while to get start but I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting this tack and working to really understand what makes it tick – so I help you do the same.


I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to spot this but after reviewing a lot of footage of loads of riders, one thing shone through – watch the video to find out this hidden gem…


The kite is also vital, I’ll touch on that briefing but I’ve already discussed the kite movement for tacking in detail before. Check out the following blog post for an extensive background overview of all 4 tacks, some key concepts and the order that I think you should learn then in:…


More tacking videos like this are coming soon but for those of you not quite ready to start tacking, check out our other kitefoiling instructional videos:


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