5 Milestones To Expect When Learning To Foil

Kite Foil Academy


Five Foiling Milestones To Look Forward To


Slingshot’s Foil Academy continues to ooze advice and guidance when it comes to levelling up your foiling. Below are five tip-bits to look forward to as you master the magic carpet and hone your kite/foil skills.

Words: Slingshot


Kite Foil Academy


  1. Fear less: Not necessarily fearless, but you will quickly fear foiling less as you get a feeling for how the foil behaves in the water. Visit Blog Post – Ditch the Fear of Foiling!
  2. Crash and learn: Learning how to crash properly when foiling will be an invaluable skill throughout your experience, no matter how proficient you become.
  3. Next-level kite control: No matter how experienced you were before learning to foil, your fine-tuned kite control will improve dramatically once you gain an understanding of the amazing efficiency foiling provides.
  4. Expand your range: As a proficient foiler, you will cover more terrain, faster and easier, than you would have ever imagined on a twin tip or surf board.
  5. Expand your season: You will be able to kite in conditions that you would never have considered before, without the peak-season crowds. READ Blog Post – Building your Perfect Kite Quiver.


Kite Foil Academy

For more killer foiling info, head to Slingshot’s online course (it’s free to enrol): Kite Foil Academy


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