WOO Worlds 2021 – Global Kite Competition

Woo Worlds global kite competition 2021

Kicking off on the 1st of September, the Woo Worlds 2021 is a global kite competition with $50,000 in the prize pool and categories that cater for all riders

Woo Worlds 2021 prizes


From Woo:

We love the daily battles on WOO, the progression it’s spurred in all of us, and the community that’s come together to share sessions on WOO, so once a year, we’re going to raise the stakes! WOO Worlds is a celebration of the gals and guys that shred in all corners of the globe and it’s an opportunity to get creative with who a kite competition is for and how it’s run.

For the inaugural event, we’re putting up $30k in cash prizes and $20k in kite giveaways! Want a piece of that? Read on for an intro to the format, or jump over to the Rules for all the details on WOO Worlds 2021.


WOO Worlds will run in the month of September on the WOO App and at wooworlds.com. Any kiter from anywhere in the world can participate in the disciplines below. For disciplines that are jumping based, you’ll need a WOO Sensor to log a session. For disciplines that require GPS tracking, you’ll use the WOO App on either your Android, iOS phone, or Apple Watch to record a session:


Highest Jump Male – The Classic. WOO’s bread and butter has always been the simple challenge: How high can you go? Sept. 1-29

Highest Jump Female – Ladies! There’s a category of Highest Jump just for you. Send it! Sept. 1-29

Highest Jump Junior – Groms welcome! Junior Highest Jump is for anyone 16 and under. Sept. 1-29

Highest Jump Senior – A boost off for the Masters of Kiting! Senior Highest Jump is for anyone 50 and older. Sept. 1-29

Total Height – The challenge is simple: how much total jump height can you accumulate during the competition period? Sept. 1-22

Total Distance (1 Hr.) – Think you have the speed and stamina to ride the furthest in an hour? This one’s for you. Sept. 1-22

Draw a Heart – Making use of the Freeride GPS tracking, let’s see who can draw the best heart! Sept. 1-22

Best Video – Share your (mis)fortunes during WOO Worlds! Something fun, epic, or simply the comedy of the journey. Sept. 1 – Oct. 3

Highest Jump Bonus! – The highest jump recorded throughout the competition gets a bonus $2,000! Sept. 1-29


Team Max Height – Five individuals go for their single highest jump, combined for a score. Sept. 1-29

Team Total Height – Groups of five try to accumulate the most total jump height in the competition period. Sept. 1-7

Team Total Distance – Groups of five try to log the most combined distance in the competition period. Sept. 8-15


In total, our Prize Pool is worth over $50,000 for WOO Worlds!

$30k is up for grabs in Cash Prizes for discipline winners, plus an extra $20k in kite & bar setups is ready to be given away to participants. 

To learn more about Woo Worlds click here

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