Willem Hooft: Slingshot’s newest Team Rider


Slingshot Sports Welcomes Willem Hooft as it’s newest Team Rider


Words: Slingshot

Hailing from the Netherlands, Willem is one of the elite few Adaptive Kitesurfers and foilers in the world and Slingshot’s first team rider in this category.  


“…I couldn’t live without it.” How many times have you said that about kitesurfing? If you are anything like us, you have said it more times than you can count. The combination of nature, you, and pure radical performance becomes more than a hobby or a passion it becomes a part of you. Clichés aside, being on the water and kitesurfing is an inexplicable feeling. Now imagine something like that torn away from you so mercilessly that the possibility of regaining it makes pigs flying seem like a real chance.

For Willem Hooft, this scenario isn’t imaginary – he lived it. In a story full of ups and downs, miseries and triumphs, Fast forward to the present day and Willem is now one of the sickest adaptive kitesurfers on the planet. His drive, his determination and his bad ass approach to overcoming one of the most adverse situations that life can throw at you, caught our attention. Sometimes life can bring you up, sometimes life can bring you down, and every so often you become an inspiration that’s larger than life. It’s with great pleasure and humility that we welcome Willem Hooft to the Slingshot team.



“Willem pushes the boundaries of what is achievable and does it with a positive, strong-willed and enthusiastic attitude. Slingshot riders have always defied convention, pushed the limits, and evolved the way we think about team riders. Willem may be the most “Slingshot” rider we have ever signed!” – Alex Fox, kite brand manager. 



Read the full Q&A on Willem’s background and aspirations here. It’s well worth a read.

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