Willem Hooft Explains The Tragic Ending At Scheveningen

Scheveningen - tragic ending



Our hearts go out to the friends and family of those involved in yesterday’s tragedy in Scheveningen, Holland


Slingshot team rider, sit-kiter Willem Hooft was kiting amongst those whose lives were lost and shares his experience:


On May 11th 2020 I went sit-kiting at Scheveningen (The Netherlands). The sea was rough, the current was strong and there was lots of foam floating on the water. I decided to quit my session after getting slightly in trouble. When I came home I heard six other surfers got into trouble as well at the spot I was surfing, but with a terrible ending. Five of them didn’t make it out alive.¬†



Willem’s message resonates with us all and we send our condolences to the surfing and kiting community of ScheveningenNever underestimate the power of nature. The sea gives so much, but she also takes. I’ll keep on pushing the limits, but stay mindful about the risks.”

Stay safe out there everyone


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