Video Entry & Event Information: Red Bull King of the Air ’21

Liam Whaley Red Bull KIng of the Air competitor

Building up to the Red Bull King of the Air 2021, event sports director, Sergio Cantagalli, has this info for riders still hoping to make the cut to compete at the extreme big air showdown in Cape Town:

Greetings from windy Cape Town!

As the much-loved Southeaster (aka Cape Doctor) starts to pump more frequently, we are also revving up the systems ahead of what promises to be another exciting Red Bull King of the Air.  

Liam Whaley Red Bull KIng of the Air competitor

Liam Whaley competing in 2020 / Photo: Ydwer van der Heide – Red Bull Content Pool

Things are indeed looking positive down in the deep south for the running of Red Bull King of the Air 2021. Due to technical reasons, the final call and confirmation will come in early December, so please do not book any travel until you have confirmation that the event is able to go ahead. The event committee, together with the Red Bull South Africa team, are super keen and motivated to stage the 9th edition from 30th Jan to 14th Feb 2021.

As there are travel restrictions in place because of Covid, please reach out to your local South African embassy and investigate the VISA process and the chances of getting a travel permit to come to South Africa. This will be one of our biggest challenges this year. 

Just two weeks left until video entry deadline: 30 November

Here is what you need to know: 
Unfortunately (due to the global situation) the ‘Fly To’ project did not deliver as expected with just one qualifier event result (out of six) being run. The video contest will therefore be the main way of selecting the fleet for the 2021 edition. With the increase in countries going back to lockdown it would be irresponsible to kite against the law. We are therefore allowing older video clips to be submitted, as long as it’s not pre-2019. 

Red Bull King of the Air 2021

The euphoric crowd involvement vibes may be a bit different in 2021, but the event organisers are positive about being able to stage the contest at the end of January / February! / Photo: Tyrone Bradley



Carefully read through the ‘new’ Judging criteria and Video Entry Rules here.
Submit your video-clip(s) here.



Judging Criteria:

  • Your 3 best moves only! Video submissions will be judged on current Red Bull King of the Air Judging Criteria based on your 3 best significant different tricks/jumps and general flow.
  • Film or edit your clips as they would be your RB-KOTA routine during a heat, make sure to include – and perhaps highlight – three significantly different jumps.
  • You can add slow-motion edits of specific tricks to highlight the move you like most and add different angles of the same trick.
  • Make sure you don’t exceed the 1 minute clip length limit.
  • There is no limitation in number of videos you can enter (but please do not submit 10 videos)

How many slots available for video contest? (who will be selected)?
The panel of judges will select the top 11 video contestants (max nr. of slots available after FLY TO Red Bull King of the Air Qualifier Series results), who will gain entry to compete in the main event and be automatically invited. Invited riders will have to confirm participation and get organized for travelling to the event. A selected rider that does not confirm participation will relegate his/her slot to reserve riders or wildcards. 
The remaining slots available will be filled by 3 wildcards and 4 prequalified riders, for a total fleet of 18 competitors.

Nick Jacobsen, Jesse Richman and Aaron Hadlow

Pre-qualified: Nick Jacobsen, Jesse Richman and Aaron Hadlow – podium finishers 2020 / Photo: Craig Kolesky – Red Bull Content Pool

FLY TO Red Bull King of the Air qualifier series winner: After the success gained at the Cold Hawaii Games in Denmark last September, congrats to Kevin Langeree (NED) taking the win and gaining a slot to Main Event in CT.
Good luck to all riders in putting together the perfect edit to get into the event!
We all are looking forward to hosting the Red Bull King of the Air 2021.
Stay fit and healthy!

Sergio Cantagalli
Red Bull King of the Air
int. Sport Director

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