Thierry Collado sets new Land Kite Speed Record


100.4 kph / 62.4 mph = Rapid!


On January 5th 2019 Thierry Collado set his new Kite Land Speed Record of in winds gusting up to 60 knots in Leucate, France. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“It was so, so long since I first dreamed of that moment – to go that fast on a mountainboard pulled by a kite. I tried for years, and although at first it was difficult, I never despaired. It took me 20 years. The first time I tried landkiting in 1999, my first impression was ‘Wow we can go very fast ..’

 Today I finally got it! It was weeks and weeks that I was waiting for the perfect moment, and then I hit 100.4kph!! It’s hard to explain how I feel.”

Watch Thierry’s World Record run below!


Akkrew 100kph kite mountainboard from Akkrew Landkiting on Vimeo.


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