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Ozone Enduro V2


The Enduro blew us away when we tested it shortly after it was first released so we were stoked when we heard about the Enduro V2. Ozone haven’t just made a few token aesthetic changes on this new version of the Enduro either, it features a mid-aspect ratio for high end performance across a wide range of disciplines and a new strut construction that provides enhanced support to the canopy and improves stability at low angles of attack.     

The Leading Edge has also been altered and now has tapered tips, which helps to reduce tip bounce, and the kite now turns and develops power more efficiently at the edge of the wind window while remaining more stable in the air so it’s got plenty of foiling potential. 

Compared to the V1, the result is a much smoother ride and a more solid bar feel in strong and gusty conditions so you know the Enduro V2 will do the business at your local gusty cross-off wave spot or when you’re sending it in strong winds.

The V2 also comes with Ozone’s new and improved Contact control system, which features a new EVA grip and soft bad ends with leader line adjustment, as well as a totally different colour scheme for better visibility and a new aluminium centre piece which protects your depower strap while reducing the overall weight of the bar as well.


Ozone 2017 Contact Bar


Here’s the official Enduro V2 product video from Ozone:

Ozone Enduro V2 – You Define The Limit from Ozone Kites on Vimeo.


Check it out at www.ozonekites.com

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