Tarifa Strapless Pro 2016

Tarifa Strapless Pro - 2016 Kiteworld Magazine

The Tarifa Strapless Pro kicks off next Wednesday in Tarifa!

There’s less than a week to go until the Tarifa Strapless Kitesurfing PRO, the first stop on the new world wave tour and, from the 29th of June until 3rd of July, strapless shredders from the world over will be in Tarifa, the wind capital of Europe, to take part in the comp and, if the level of riding in last year’s comp was anything to go by, it should be set to go off!

Tarifa Strapless Pro - 2016 Kiteworld Magazine

“The strapless rider is the one who wants to explore the limits of surf with a kite, or the one who wants to face the challenge of flying and doing tricks strapless”, explains Jaime Herráiz, the tour technical director, and next Wednesday, the first day of the competition at Chiringuito Tangana on Valdevaqueros beach, we’ll see qualifiers take place before, at 7 p.m, the official opening presentation at WET Cafè takes place. From Thursday onwards the championship will continue through until Saturday.

The rules are very simple and everyone at the beach should be able to understand them perfectly making this a very spectator friendly event. “There will be a closed track in the water, marked by four buoys, where riders have to do their tricks. In each heat there will be two men face to face who will be scored by three issues: technical difficulty, general point of view and ‘Wow factor’, which is the ability to impress the judges and the public”, said Jaime Herráiz. 

Mitu Monteiro - Tarifa Strapless Pro Kiteworld Magazine 2016

The Tarifa Strapless Pro attracts some of the best strapless riders in the world and it’s an event that riders practice new tricks for all year round so you can expect to see some serious displays on the water with huge airs, strapless trickery and even handlepasses. During the event, Tarifa will play host to riders from all over the world with big hitters from Hawaii such as Nicolo Porcella and Patri McLaughlin, multiple world champion Keahi de Aboitz, Cape Verdeans like Matchu Lopez and Airton Cozzolino as well as a host of riders from mainland USA like Matt Elsasser and Reider Decker to name but a few. Europe will also be heavily represented by Portuguese rider Paulino Pereira, Sandro Pissu and Stefano Gentilli from Italy and local boys Juli Rebollo and Jan Marco Rivera.

Airton Cozzolino - Tarifa Strapless Pro Kiteworld Magazine 2016

Asides from the opportunity to bear witness to what should be an incredible competition, those that head down to Tarifa for the event will be able to experience firsthand the town’s legendary atmosphere and vibrant nightlife which, when combined with its reliable conditions and awesome summer wind stats, makes it an ideal location for a summer kite trip so there’s all the more reason to make sure you’re in town when the Strapless Pro’s going down!
After Tarifa, the tour, which is certified by the GKA –Global Kitesports Association- will continue on to Sotavento in Fuerteventura and then One Eye in Mauritius before the final stop in Fortaleza, Brazil.

To find out more about the event head over to www.global-kitesports.org

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