Switch Kiteboarding launches ‘Spider Bridle’

Switch Kites Spider Bridle

Switch Kiteboarding

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Switch Kiteboarding launches new innovative ‘Spider Bridle’


New Zealand, 2 December 2015 –  Bill Hansen and the R&D team at Switch have created a totally new and innovative short bridle that has the look of a Spiders web, one of the most beautiful engineering constructs found in nature.


The Spider Bridle is the latest innovation to our Nitro5 freeride kite launching tomorrow.


Switch Kites Spider Bridle


The upper ‘spider’ portion of the bridle stabilizes the mid-to-shoulder areas of the kite while simultaneously controlling the wingtips limiting flaring and oscillating movements. The lower portion optimally positions the front tow point for de-power and turning. The ‘Spider Junction,’ where the two portions meet allows the kite to tip with no change in the load distribution along the leading edge.


The result is smooth de-power, fast turning, lower bar pressure and consistent rear line tension for control sheeted out. Re-launch is improved and tangles are eliminated. The Spider Bridle has unlocked the true potential of the Nitro series.


Our high performance freeride machine, the Nitro5, is expected to be a sellout hit for those wanting to enjoy massive big air tricks. The kite will be available online only at www.switchkites.com with sizes and prices ranging from US$657 for a 7m & US$829 for the 16m.


Watch Bill Hansen discussing the new Spider Bridle



More information at www.switchkites.com


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