Switch Helium Light Wind Kite Released

Switch Helium light wind kite

Vid and info here. Also note the lifetime warranty on all products! 

The Helium light wind design has a calculated strength-to-weight ratio that keeps this kite light yet durable for effortless performance. The Helium sounds like much more than just a ‘sit and ride’ light-wind kite according to their press release and video: 

Lightwind days will never be the same again.

The Helium gets you on the water when marginal conditions may otherwise make kiting unlikely. Blasting upwind with controllable power, extended range and low bar pressure make light air kiting effortless and exciting.

The new Helium is a moderately swept high aspect, high projected area wing specifically designed for light air performance. The planform and profiles are carefully sculpted to reduce drag and optimize lift at the low angles of attack encountered in light wind flight where the apparent wind exceeds the true wind. A fixed no-pulley 6-line bridge bridle provides even spanwise Leading Edge support while allowing quick pivotal turning and maximum de-power. Construction is strong yet light in a 3-strut configuration.

SIZE: 18m

NOTE: In issue #73 we mentioned that Switch kites are available with a 30 day guarantee – in fact they offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. Visit their site now to place your order! www.switchkites.com  

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