Super Six! Highlights from the Kiteworld Gift Guide

Helio shower - gift for kitesurfers

Our 2020/21 Gift & Accessory Guide is free to read in full in our latest multimedia magazine, issue #107, here 
Here we’ve picked out five items that are definitely on the list of the Kiteworld team this Christmas! 


Awesome Maps - gift for kitesurfers
Over 500 kitesurfing spots, with information on style, level, wind direction, water temperature and peak season – all on an intricately illustrated map of the world. If you’re wondering where to head as soon as the world opens up again, this could help! Available as poster, XXL canvas, towel and foldable map. Other sport themed maps also available.

PRICE GUIDE: £48 / $59.90 / €49.95

See it in the Guide here


The Gdome mobile waterproof housing is perfect for capturing new angles. The waterproof smart phone housing allows you to use your phone at the beach and capture split shots, showing both above and below the water!


See it in the Guide here



Helio shower - gift for kitesurfers
The award-winning Helio™ portable pressurized shower and sprayer rests on the ground and provides the pressure you need to rinse off gear, as well as yourself! Quickly and easily pressurize the 2.9-gallon tank with a foot pump for 5-7 minutes of strong, continuous spray.


See it in the Guide here


Ride Engine Empax
The Empax Vest delivers essential flotation and impact protection for kiters and windsurfers, designed to be worn comfortably under your harness with a look that doesn’t scream ‘watch out for that kook!’

EMPAX VEST: £110 / $143 / €125

See it in the Guide here


Van Tales Van Life accessories
Super useful storage solutions and more from this German team creating all sorts of van life essentials

PRICE GUIDE: £29 – 69 / $39 – 85 / €34 – 79

See it in the Guide here


Woo Pro device
No other device or company has done more to unite the kiting community through a shared gaming experience for all levels of rider. Every kiteboarder should WOO at some point in their riding career! The new Woo Pro membership is available through their app and features more experience options, deeper analytical data of your manoeuvres and new games. Look out for more updates being added to the Pro member benefits, too.

Plus, it works with a smart watch, for instant height feedback!


PRICE GUIDE 3.0 PACKAGE: $199.95 / €179.95.
PRO MEMEBERSHIP: £6.99 per month / £45.99 per year

See it in the Guide here

Kiteworld gift guide for kitesurfers

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