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Kitesurfing deals of the week with Stan the Man

Stan trawls his way through the swathes of promos as Kiteworld’s ad manager!
Kitesurfing deals of the week with Stan the Man
Listen up! I’m Stan, you can call me Stan the Man Who Can… find you awesome offers and competition opportunities as I trawl my way through the swathes of promos I come across as Kiteworld’s ad manager! Read on for this week’s best deals and steals! You won’t adam and eve some of these. ‘Ave it my son!

Right, first up, you may recognise the Boost as the new LEI kite from Flysurfer that was promoted in their latest advert by featuring an intergalactic hottie’s raspberry ripples in an overly tight spandex space suit. 

Flysurfer Boost LEI kite advert Kiteworld issue 74


As part of their Boost promos Flysurfer are offering a FREE TRIP to Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka. SWEET! All you have to do is fill in your email address on their Boost micro site, where you can also check out more product details, features, technical data, photos and videos: BOOST.FLYSURFER.COM
Winners will be announced at the end of July! Shut it! Get on it!

I like video competitions and I bloody love quiz shows and spot the difference, so this one’s right up my alley. To win a brand new 2015 CrazyFly Sculp kite ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION:


CrazyFly 2015 from CrazyFly Kiteboarding on Vimeo.

ENTER by sending your answer including your full name and complete address to: contest@crazyflykites.com  All e-mails must be sent by 17th May 2015.

Get the brass tacks on this comp here: CrazyFly Video Contest

Don’t keep bashing your nut against the same brick wall in your riding. Mix it up, get amongst it, be a geeza and a leader and get yourself a wakeskate this summer. All the lads will think you’re the nuts and you can even wear your favourite pair of trainers, so you’ll be looking like a proper boss. Now, as always, I know a man who can, and as it ‘appens, the lads down at Powerkite Shop are running a tidy price cut on this Naish wakeskate – get a new ride for just 149 squid. Sorted. 

Naish Wakeskate Powerkiteshop

This geeza Jason Stone is no muppet and shows you how this wakeskate lark is really done in this vid taken from Cabrinha’s My Ride Series (which as it ‘appens ran in The Kite Show episode one. Don’t know about The Kite Show – ‘ave a word with yuself!) 

Right, now let’s get down to the real business. Of course ‘ere at Kiteworld we’ve always got some unbeatable promos goin’ on. We’ve got two wicked ones for subscribers in the new issue. (Not a subscriber, get with the programme, or I’ll ‘ave to get Big Fists Frank to come knockin’ round your way). 

KiteWorldWide kitesurfing holiday company logo
We do a lot o’ work with these guys – not only coz they’ve got a bloody great name – but because they are proppa specialists in legit travel destinations. After seven years of searching for the perfect kiting holiday spots, they offer you their expert service and knowledge. Providing the latest equipment and luxury surroundings, their bases are found in largely quiet spots with guaranteed wind and an ideal mix of great conditions and like-minded geezers.

We’ve teamed up wiv ’em to offer a lucky Kiteworld subscriber the chance to choose from one of three holidays in CAPE TOWN, KENYA or MONTENEGRO. Get signed up, boys and girls!

Rounding out this little under the counter session we’ve been ‘avin ‘ere is a real monster of a deal. ONE OF OUR SUBSCRIBERS WILL WIN A FREE 2015 10M FLITE FROM OCEAN RODEO. I know, it’s mad and we’re not ‘avin a bubble bath about this. The Flite was designed as a light wind kite that enable smaller sizes than usual to be used, but also has cracking drift and also works well in stronger conditions in the surf. 

‘Ave a butcher’s hook at this video and then get yourself a subscription to world’s biggest and best kite mag here!

Right, that’s it for you lot this week. I’m getting back to making some proper bread and honey!


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