Red Bull Ragnarok 2018 wrap-up

Red Bull Ragnarok 2018

Tough conditions and tight victories at the Ragnarok 2018


Red Bull Ragnarok 2018


After four hours of kiting in the ninth edition of Red Bull Ragnarok, Florian Gruber of Germany secured the victory with a margin of just two minutes down to last year’s winner and fellow German Felix Kersten. In the difficult wind conditions, only three out of the 350 kiters completed the course within the time limit and, while the course was shorter, it was some of the hardest conditions to date at Ragnarok.


Red Bull Ragnarok 2018
Image: Kyle Meyr / Red Bull Content Pool

More than 350 kiters from 30 nations all around the world had come to Hardangervidda, Norway to battle through 105 km (shortened from last year) of kiting on skis and snowboard within a time limit of five hours. Even though this year’s course was almost 30 kilometres shorter than last year’s, the changing and challenging wind made it a hard race on the sunny mountain plateau. 



Florian Gruber - Red Bull Ragnarok 2018
Image: Kyle Meyr / Red Bull Content Pool

After four hours and one minute, Florian Gruber crossed the finish line as the overall winner and winner of the men’s ski category, just two minutes ahead of last year’s winner Felix Kersten. This is Gruber’s second win, he also took home the victory in 2016. “Amazing, I think this is the hardest time, it’s my third time competing here, and for sure the hardest one. We had good wind to start and smaller kites and then we had to rig bigger. At one time my kite dropped so the other guys passed me, and it was tough. I always saw like two or three guys in front of me, and to overtake them was the hardest thing ever. I am super happy to win this battle,” Gruber says. The German grew up in the alps, but usually competes on water.



Steph Bridge - Red Bull Ragnarok 2018
Image: Kyle Meyr / Red Bull Content Pool

Steph Bridge of Great Britain won her fourth straight Red Bull Ragnarok title in the women’s ski category, finishing three laps – the shortest she has ever gotten in her four Ragnarok participations. 

”It was just an incredible experience. It’s always hard, but this year was more challenging since we had lighter wind in more sections of course than previous years. I have never completed all five laps, that is my ultimate challenge” Steph said.


Pete Martel - Red Bull Ragnarok 2018
Image: Kyle Meyr / Red Bull Content Pool

In the snowboard category, Valeria Garashenko of Russia and Peter Martel of Canada took home the victories this year. He was really close to becoming the fourth rider to finish the entire race this year, but with no wind he had to walk the last few hundred meters and missed the time limit.

“It was hard, as always! I’m dead exhausted, I’m sure everyone else is too. Ragnarok is like no other race, it’s a lot of endurance. You have to sprint for a very long time, you can never go slow, you have to give a hundred percent the whole time – maybe hundred and ten” Martel says. 


Pete Martel - Red Bull Ragnarok 2018
Image: Daniel Tengs / Red Bull Content Pool



Men’s Ski

  1. Florian Gruber (GER) 
  2. Felix Kersten (GER) 
  3. Jonas Lengwiler (SUI) 


Men’s Snowboard

  1. Peter Martel (CAN) 
  2. Ronny Bollhalder (SUI)
  3. Nikita Solokov (AUT)


Women’s Ski

  1. Steph Bridge (GBR)
  2. Camilla Ringvold (NOR)  
  3. Frøydis Sjøvold (NOR) 


Women’s Snowboard 

  1. Valeria Garaschenko (RUS) 
  2. Marie-Eve Mayland (CAN) 
  3. Aija Ambrasa (LAT) 


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