Rail Masters 2016 video

Rail Masters 2016


The Kite Park League was a resounding success this year with a series of well organised, well attended events all around the globe showcasing the growing level of park riding at the top end of our sport. One event you might not have heard too much about, however, was the Rail Masters Kite Jib Contest which was held near Anapa in Russia. 

The top riders in Russian park riding were all in attendance as this was their chance to get a ranking in the KPL and, with no foreign riders making the trip across, it was a showcase of homegrown Russian talent. You can check the action out for yourself in the video below!

Rail Masters 2016 official video from Naoba2 Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

Camera/ Edit – Konstantin Bobovik from Naoba2 Moton
VFX – Ilya Galaktionov from Kitepunks


1. Ilya Iskhnopulo (Liquid Force, Quiksilver Russia)
2. Aleksandr Minov (Airush, Ion)
3. Anton Uzhegov (North kiteboarding, Dakine, Picture Organic)
4. Sergey Belmesov (Alride boards, Tsunami crew)
5. Denis Usov (Nobile, Shaka)
6. Gennady Kirillov (Cabrinha)
7. Sergey Shalucho (Nobile, Shaka)
8. Ivan Kudryavtsev (Idikatay)
9. Alexey Leonchik (no sponsors)

You can find out more about this event and future ones as well here railmasters.ru

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