Plastic-free board packaging

100% recyclable, reusable and biodegradable – Flexi-Hex could be a game changer!



It’s always a special moment when a new surfboard arrives at your door but the amount of plastic it comes wrapped in can sometimes sour the experience. After all, we all love kiting and being in the ocean so knowing we’re accumulating more single-use plastic to indulge in our favourite past time isn’t ideal. 

All that excess plastic packaging could one day be a thing of the past now though thanks to the work of Flexi-Hex, a UK-based company founded by surfers Sam and Will Boex from Porthleven, Cornwall, who’ve developed a totally plastic free method for packaging a board.



Flexi-Hex is essentially a cardboard sleeve that allows you to wrap a board up in two minutes (which is a lot quicker than the time it takes to bubblewrap one) before you stick it in a board bag or, if you’re selling it, send it on to its new owner.

It’s flexible so it forms to the shape of your board and it looks like it can offer plenty of protection too – boards wrapped in it have withstood downward pressure of 31000 kg/m2 in a flat crush test!



A number of surf brands and shops have already adopted this new technology and, as you can also use Flexi-Hex for flatter boards like snowboards, wakeboards and skateboards (and presumably twintip kite boards too), we can’t help wonder how much plastic-usage could be avoided if the kite industry takes notice!


Flexi-Hex, cardboard packaging for surfboards (Media) from Boex on Vimeo.


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