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Peter Lynn Aero foil released

Peter Lynn Aero Kiteworld Magazine

Here it is, the all new Peter Lynn Aero, a closed cell depower foil developed for pilots who are looking for the ultimate racing and light wind experience.



Peter Lynn launch the Aero Foil Kite


At Peter Lynn we believe performance should not be measured in speed or raw power alone.

Performance is about responsiveness, precision, handling balance and most importantly; the riders experience. This is why we work tirelessly on perfecting our designs to match our heritage of class leading design, ease of use, assured stability and sophisticated craftsmanship.



Developed upon the backbone of the Vapor, the most successful fixed bridle racekite of the last decade. And built with only high-end, ultra-light materials and the latest construction methods. The Aero is designed for uncompromised racing performance but also to offer you ease of use and stability to put a smile on your face whenever you pull the bar to leave everything and everyone behind.

At the same time it is created to get you going in the lightest of breezes because there are few things in life that make your daily troubles disappear like the peaceful mellow of a light wind session. Be it cruising desolate beaches, riding snow covered hills or foiling glass lagoons.

Let the Aero be your ticket to sessions never before possible and enjoy the tranquillity of riding in the lowest winds and maximize the time you can spend out there doing what you love most.


Sizes: 7 / 9 / 11 / 14 / 17 & 20m


Here’s the official Aero product video from Peter Lynn


For more information on Peter Lynn and the Aero visit

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