Patagonia launches Fair Trade wetsuits and Worn Wear wetsuit tour

Patagonia-Fair Trade



Patagonia have just made yet another big step towards sustainable wetsuit production and they’re taking it on the road!


Patagonia-Fair Trade

From the forests of South America to the barrels of Northern Scotland

Images: Patagonia – Al Mackinnon, Ryan Chachi Craig, Tim Davis

When Patagonia released the first ever ‘biorubber’ wetsuits made from Yulex, a material harvested from FSC-Certified rubber plantations in Guatemala, it was a potentially huge step forward in wetsuit production. 

The traditional process of producing a wetsuit from fossil fuels has been much the same since it first began and it’s pretty filthy if we’re honest. However, with a number of brands now ‘following suit’ and adopting this new technology that Patagonia have pioneered we could perhaps be nearing a shift that would revolutionise the suits we wear and the impact they have on the environment. 



Not your typical wetsuit factory

So, Patagonia have now decided to take things further. From this fall / autumn, their new suits will all be Fair Trade certified. That means the people who make them will be paid fairly for their labours, they’ll work in a safe and clean environment and every single material and component that goes into the suits will be traceable to ensure that nobody gets exploited in their production. 

On top of that, the factory lines on which the suits are made will be covered by rigorous checks and balances to make sure that the construction process is as safe and environmentally sound as possible. It’s never been done before and if other brands follow suit it could be huge for the wetsuit industry and the people who work in it at ground level. 


Stoke from the factory floor to your door

Their suits also come with an Ironclad ‘lifetime’ guarantee and the company are putting their money where their mouth is on that one. We’ve been testing them out for ourselves now that the weather’s starting to turn autumnal on us! Look out for a review coming up soon in the mag.


                                                                    KW’s Matt Pearce getting after it in the greyness

Patagonia have also just kicked off their Worn Wear tour around Cornwall, Devon and France. It’s a series of events where you can come down, have a chat and a beer while they fix your suit (any suit from any brand) for free! You can also check out some of the brand new Fair Trade suits as well.

Along the way, there’ll also be film screenings and bands playing at some of the tour stops and the first one kicks off today in Newquay, Cornwall. Check the dates below, grab your ripped (but resurrect-able and DRY) wettie and get yourself along.




30/8 – 1/9/2018: Ho House – Beers, Bands and Ripped Rubber – Newquay, Cornwall, UK

4 – 5/9/2018: Hayle, Cornwall, UK

7/9/2018: Ho House – Nevertown Film Screening – Newquay, Cornwall, UK

8 – 9/9/2018: Ho House – Newquay, Cornwall, UK

11/9/2018: Rosie’s Kitchen – Bude, Cornwall, UK

12/9/2018: Museum of British Surfing – Braunton, North Devon, UK

14/9/2018: Ho House – Wetsuit Deepdive Evening – Newquay, Cornwall, UK

15 – 16/9/2018: Ho House – Newquay, Cornwall, UK

27/9/2018: Le Surfing – Beers, Bands and Ripped Rubber – Place des Estagnots, Seignosse, France

28 – 30/9/2018: Le Surfing – Place des Estagnots, Seignosse, France

5/10/2018: Le Surfing – Place des Estagnots, Seignosse, France

6 – 7/10/2018: Le Surfing – Place des Estagnots, Seignosse, France

9 – 10/10/2018: Bordeaux – Location TBC – Bordeaux, France

12/10/2018: Lacanau, France

13 – 14/10/2018 – Le Surfing – Nevertown Film Screening – Place des Estagnots, Seignosse, France


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