Patagonia Hood Jam

Kite Park League - Patagonia Hood Jam 2018

Hood Jam is on!


After a windless start on day one, the action kicked off on day two of the Patagonia Hood Jam.


Photos: Bromberg Productions – (AKA – Toby Bromwich and Vincent Bergeron)


The winds fired up late in the afternoon on the second day of the event window delivering typical Hood River thermal conditions and the chance to get through the first could of heats. Riders in men’s heats one and two both completed two features each; the left kicker and the Duotone Rooftop to the right.



Both heats displayed a high level of competition and it was an interesting spectacle for both the public and ‘homie-stream’ viewers alike. There were standouts in both heats with Sam Light and Ewan Jaspan landing clean Heelside Backside 720s off the Slingshot Kicker and they both looked strong on the Duotone Slider as well. They rode in separate heats, but were matching each other trick for trick and it looks like they’re going to be watching one another closely as the comp continues. #Rivals



Then, both Noe Font and Christophe Tack stomped some big Frontside 720s whilst Sam Medysky and Alex Maes opted for a different approach; Sam stuck a clean tootsie on his third attempt and Alex went big with a Fronside 360 Stale Backside 180 off the Slingshot Kicker. It’s clear that once again at this event, the riders’ abilities off the kicker will be a major deciding factor. 





Kite Park League - Patagonia Hood Jam 2018


The Kite Park League crew was back in action on day three of the Patagonia Hood Jam and the action was next level. In the men’s division, Brandon stuck a Backside 360 Melon Frontside 360 before Noe did a Backside 360 Melan Frontside 360.


Kite Park League - Patagonia Hood Jam 2018


Colleen Carroll and Karolina Winkowska both landed Tootsie Rolls, Sensi Graves stuck an Underflip and Katie Potter Kiteboarding stomped a Tantrum to blind. Those tricks from the women were all comp NBDs (never-before-dones)! 


Kite Park League - Patagonia Hood Jam 2018


Competition is due to restart this morning local time if conditions allow. You can find the KPL’s unofficial homie-stream on their Facebook page and you’ll get regular updates via their Instagram feed @KiteParkLeague.

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